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Dare to elevate human connection. Drive differentiation. Move forward with purpose. Transform the brand. Succeed. Always remembering to inspire and promote health. You are built for this. So are we.

“Working with Hailey Sault is like going down the hall to bounce an idea off someone I’ve worked with for years and coming back enlightened and refreshed—but after the first meeting, not years. They deeply listen, ask eye-opening questions, and then listen some more. Then, they internalize to the core what we are trying to say and come back with incredibly compelling ways to say it. They are authentic partners in our mission, not just fellow travelers on our journey.”

Jillian Lampert, PhD, RD, LD, MPH, FAED
Chief Strategy Officer, The Emily Program


Creating a healthier world.

We are a hybrid team—working on both coasts and parts in-between—brought together by a shared purpose: to enable good health and wellness to all. 

Duluth, Minnesota is our home base, ranked #1 Best Place to Live by Outside magazine. The Hailey Sault office overlooks Lake Superior, the largest body of freshwater—by surface area—in the world. 

Guiding success through shared knowledge and passion


After buying the agency from its founder, Howard Klatzky, CEO Mike Seyfer asked now-retired partner and CCO Marsha Hystead her favorite destination in the world. Marsha answered Sault, France, known for its wine and fields of lavender. Mike’s favorite is his family’s home in Hailey, Idaho. Our name, Hailey Sault, was born, and is meant to be an invocation for noble pursuits: of worthy goals, of better outcomes, and better tomorrows.

The power of collaboration

It is our privilege to work with some of the most innovative health and wellness brands serving B2C and B2B audiences across the country.

Outside Magazine Best
Places to Work
3-year winner for working hard, playing hard and going the extra mile in supporting each other.

Diversity + Inclusion
Committed to overcoming biases, representing all, hearing all voices, making the world healthier for everyone.

Taking Care of Community
Giving back to the communities where we live and work is an ongoing priority.


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