A better way to treat people with eating disorders

Dr. Jillian Lampert, The Emily Program

“Children should be able to grow up loving their bodies and believing that they are amazing creatures,” says Dr. Jillian Lampert, chief strategy officer for The Emily Program, a nationally recognized eating disorder program with locations across the United States. “Instead, messages in our society are so early and so often about what you should look like, and how much you should weigh, and what you should eat, and how you should appear, and act and be.”

Dr. Lampert has an expansive range of experience in policy, clinical research, teaching and program development in the area of eating disorders. She has authored numerous book chapters and articles and speaks regionally and nationally on eating disorder topics. In this episode we talk to her about an illness that is so serious it ranks second in mortality rates in the mental health sphere.

In this podcast you’ll discover:
• Some of the myths and misconceptions about eating disorders
• The lack of education and tools our primary care physicians are armed with to begin a conversation with their patients about eating disorders
• The four pillars for more constructive interaction between physicians and patients around weight
• How society is moving toward a more body positive conversation and how we can contribute to that conversation in our lives