Deep Dive: COVID-Era Patient Personas

So many of you asked us for a closer look at our COVID-era generational patient personas and the messaging needed to help them feel comfortable returning to you for care. During this Campfire, we were happy to take a deeper dive into our Gen-Z through boomer patients and their mindsets. Watch our Campfire Session on […]

Health Care’s Retail Response: Cash Clinics, House Calls and Virtual Visits

When the likes of Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon (and Target, Walgreens, CVS, Google, Apple, et al) started moving into the business of health care as part of their inherently retail product-based roster of services, many health systems knew they’d need to switch things up or die trying. COVID-19 has just sped up the process. […]

Agile Marketing for Uncertain Times

 What is agile marketing? It’s finding opportunity and potential in change, being responsive instead of reactive, and doing the right work at the right time. Watch our Campfire Session Agile Marketing for Uncertain Times. Or read below for key takeaways from our webinar event! On 7/17/20, Mike and Stephen introduced us to agile marketing experts: […]