AI-Powered Marketing Excellence for Healthcare Professionals

Transform your team into an efficient, dynamic content creation force.

Hailey Sault’s Innovative AI Content Lab

An accelerated 5-week journey tailored for healthcare marketing teams.

This workshop is more than just a training program; it’s a transformative experience that will redefine the capabilities of your team.

This engagement rapidly equips healthcare marketing teams with self-sufficient personalized content creation engines, powered by insights from proprietary AI models and algorithms. 

The agenda creates frameworks for owned, earned and paid channels—dynamically assembling visuals, copy, narratives, and calls to action tailored for both the patient journey stage and persona. 

The lab culminates in a hands-on content sprint generating over 30 sample assets using the frameworks for immediately actionable models. 

5-week Content Lab

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Human-centered design for healthcare brands—enhanced by data, elevated by AI.

Week 1: Pre-Workshop Discovery

Delve into a comprehensive audit of your marketing operations. We will align your organizational goals and frame success criteria to set a solid foundation for growth.

Week 2: Persona Workshop

Harness the power of detailed patient personas. This critical step ensures your marketing efforts resonate deeply with your target audience.

Week 3: AI-Powered Content Framework

Dive into the world of AI-driven content creation. We will develop frameworks for automated, personalized content across various channels, revolutionizing how you engage with patients.

Week 4: Hands-On Content Sprint

Put theory into practice. Over three intensive days, your team will generate a wide array of content, applying newly acquired AI-powered techniques.

Week 5: Optimization & Governance

Establish robust governance and analytics processes to maintain efficiency gains and continuously optimize performance.

Is Your Team Ready for an AI-Driven Future?

Speed & Agility 

Equip your team with AI-infused content frameworks that drastically cut down production timelines, turning weeks of work into hours.

Innovation & Autonomy

Empower your team to experiment with and implement cutting-edge marketing strategies independently, long after our engagement ends.

Scalable Outcomes 

Learn to produce high-quality, high-impact content efficiently, minimizing the need for constant leadership oversight.

Continual Support

Benefit from two months of ongoing support, including optimization recommendations and AI model refinements based on the latest performance data.

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