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Optimizing social media presence: Strategically incorporating the brand.

How does a five-hospital, 270+ location health system serving South New Jersey and the Philadelphia area plan and develop organic social media content that is relevant and meaningful? How does its brand show up authentically to its vast audiences on each unique channel? How can its marketing team members find the clarity to deliberately, consistently and creatively produce content that honors their strategic brand positioning? These are the questions Virtua Health asked us to partner with them to solve.


Engage and
grow an audience

The challenge with growing an organic audience is that it can sometimes feel like you’re speaking into an abyss. What Virtua Health needed was a customized framework that identified the unique mindsets of key users and laid out a connection formula to develop content that would resonate. What made this partnership so strong and successful was that the talented marketing team at Virtua Health had a vision for its social content centered around a singular and powerful purpose—Here for Good.

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Put a purpose-driven
plan in motion

Hailey Sault went to work meeting with the Virtua Health team to design a plan that represented its Here for Good purpose and invited audiences to Tune into Good. Our team focused on bringing the Virtua Health team:

  • Strategic principles to guide organic social media
  • Key audience segments and persona archetypes
  • Content planning framework
  • Channel-specific content
  • Strategies for cultivating a social media community
  • Organic social media pillars
Brand Activation + Touchpoints
Social Media Strategy
Creative Strategy
Archetype Development Patient Journey Mapping Content Strategy
“Hailey Sault immersed our team with insightful research and we built a roadmap, together, that has sparked a movement that is Here for Good. Consumers are connecting to the Virtua brand in new ways through our reignited social media strategy. The metrics say it loud and clear, but we are most proud of the process and storytelling that got us there.”

Ryan Younger, Vice-President of Marketing, Virtua Health


A 150% rise in Instagram engagement
An engaging social media presence only happens when it is strategically planned and implemented—when it is nurtured and care is taken to ensure consumers feel the brand resonates with their individual personality. Healthcare brands, like Virtua, who invest in and continue to build meaningful user experiences create an environment that takes prospective patients along the patient journey from awareness and consideration to loyalty and advocacy—all the while, honoring the hearts and minds of its community members with inclusive, accessible, meaningful content.