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A Year of Progress: Rename, rebrand, engage, convert

Many small to medium-size health system marketers grapple with the complex challenge of addressing myriad initiatives as their healthcare landscape rapidly evolves. For Tamarack Health the need for speed and agility in a renaming and rebranding effort  paralleled the urgency of launching a campaign to establish a foothold in a new market. It was a big year!


Total brand reinvention

Tamarack Health’s marketing team faced renaming its system and its hospitals, revamping its image inside and out, and kicking off a bold awareness campaign. On top of that, it needed to successfully convert patients to a brand new specialty clinic in a previously untapped and crowded market.

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Human-centered design in action

Renaming & Rebranding: Hailey Sault applied its human-centered design approach to tackle the entire challenge. This journey began with a deep dive into the needs and expectations of internal stakeholders such as employees and leadership, and external stakeholders, including patients and the community. These valuable insights guided the creation and validation of a new system name and the renaming of two hospitals. With this foundation, a distinct brand identity was crafted and encapsulated in a comprehensive brand book.

External Image & Brand Activation Campaign: A campaign was created to introduce internal audiences to the new names and brand. At the same time a targeted external image and awareness campaign introducing the public to Tamarack Health was created using the new branding. The external campaign focused on positioning the system as a locally led, trusted healthcare partner united in delivering personalized, high-quality care.

Specialty Clinic Patient Conversion Campaign in a New Market: At the same time a campaign was crafted that introduced Tamarack Health to a new market while highlighting the expertise of its physicians. The initiative directly targeted audience concerns and motivations, aiming to engage potential patients and drive conversion to a new specialty clinic.

“Hailey Sault’s robust process started with focus groups and continued with navigating the community perception and legality that surround a name change for two organizations with very long histories. The goal throughout the rebrand was to develop one identity that brought us closer together, highlighted our independence, showcased our commitment to serving our region, and resonated with our staff and the communities we serve.”

— Cherie Morgan, Tamarack Health, Marketing Director

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Reinvent, reposition, and drive success
  • Internally, the naming and rebranding effort led to a cohesive brand identity that aligned to the system’s goals and mission and boosted employee engagement along the way.
  • Externally, the image and awareness campaign enhanced Tamarack Health’s reputation, elevated patient trust, and drove patient engagement.
  • The specialty clinic patient conversion campaign helped Tamarack Health break through in a new, larger market, filling schedules to full capacity within three months for all service lines offered by the clinic.