Aligning the brand with a big growth vision

When CareATC, a national population health management company out of Tulsa, Oklahoma began innovating and seeking venture funding to grow, its brand wasn’t keeping pace. Our charge: evolve and elevate the brand, aligning it with the company’s vision for its future—as well as its innovative plans for the future of onsite and near-site healthcare.


Bring Meaning

CareATC’s brand had not been refreshed since its founding in the early 2000s. At that time, the “ATC” in the company’s name meant Around the Clock. However, when Hailey Sault conducted research we found that no one really knew what “ATC” meant. 

With client partners that included large municipalities across the country, as well as national corporations like Nintendo and Whole Foods, the CareATC name and brand needed to represent its evolved attitude, spirit and energy. 



New Identity
New Value Proposition

The first thing we tackled was the “ATC” in CareATC’s name, changing it to “Care at the Center” to represent the company’s commitment to put technical innovation, individual patients and client partnerships at its center.

Two archetypes were identified—one patient centered and one investor centered. These archetypes infused meaning into the brand and informed brand voice, tone, colors and typography.

A value proposition—The Power To Be Well—was created speaking to CareATC’s commitment to be the power behind living well for its patients, brokers, investors, clients and team members.

Hailey Sault activated the brand through an aggressive lead generation campaign and a new website, as well as multiple additional audience touchpoints.


Competitive Audit
Brand Archetypes
Brand Story
Visual Brand Development
Consumer Personas
Brand Strategy
Digital Lead Generation
Point of Sale
Investor Relations Materials

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Growth Realized

Several months after rebranding, CareATC announced a large investment deal that allowed the company to achieve its growth vision. Today, CareATC is leading the way in population health.