Transforming fear into trust increases daily leads by 300%

As companies reopened offices and scheduled in-person meetings and events, the threat of COVID-19 loomed heavily for human resource executives and event and meeting planners. InHouse Physicians, a national leader in health security, partnered with Hailey Sault to make life easier for these decision-makers as they navigated protocols designed to make all of our lives safer. The result was a 300% increase in new daily leads and an 8.7X increase in return on ad spend.


Speed was Critical

As the COVID virus mutated and variants led to a multitude of safety protocol changes, speed to market (6 weeks in this case) and agility in digital strategy and messaging was essential.

Managing the sophisticated health security logistics for large corporate events, VIP meetings, and employee wellness was not new for IHP. Hailey Sault’s job was to leverage an omnichannel digital strategy that would drive sales-qualified leads—reaching multiple client audience personas and transforming their fear of the unknown and the stress involved in keeping employees and attendees safe, into trust for IHP.


Reinforcing Certainty

Our process included developing audience personas for three key decision-makers: corporate meeting and event planners, third party meeting planners, and HR leaders.

These personas informed:

  • Psychographic insights for message resonance
  • Triggers for inviting a meeting with IHP’s sales team
  • Channel planning
  • Landing page conversion points
  • Gated content and high-value thought leadership

Smooth handoffs of sales-qualified leads to IHP’s sales team was essential. Hailey Sault partnered with IHP’s in-house marketing and sales leaders with an elegant solution to ensure all leads were measured, managed and engaged.

Retargeting efforts focused on reinforcing the trust and confidence that comes with an IHP relationship, along with introducing new content resources to encourage opt-ins, downloads and queries for sales conversations.


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Follow the Leader

By identifying the unique needs and concerns of multiple prospective client audiences, increasing the number of channels to reach prospective clients, and making value-driven content resources available, Hailey Sault was able to drive an impressive jump in sales-qualified leads for IHP.


Increase in
daily leads


New lead


Increase in return
on ad spend