Is Recruitment the Next Health Care Marketing Crisis?

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According to recent studies, between 20% and 30% of front-line U.S. health care workers say they are now considering leaving their profession—for good. Traditionally, health care HR and marketing departments have worked independently. But given the staffing crisis, these departments are teaming up to address the latest pandemic crisis: recruitment. On our September 9, 2021 […]

The Road to Digital Health Transformation: Are We There Yet?

Digital front doors … Data visualization … Patient pathways … and Chimeras. These were just a few of the topics we discussed during our 8/13/21 Campfire Chat with Christina Campo from Scripps Health, Therese Lockemy from Johns Hopkins Medicine, and our former colleague at Hailey Sault, Brittney Hanson, Director of Digital.    Read below for highlights […]

Health Care Marketing’s Role in the Post-Pandemic Cleanup

Dear Health Care Marketer: we have our work cut out for us.  As we’ve been documenting, our health care consumers have changed since the pandemic. Some of that change is good: 36% of baby boomers report they feel confident using new technology—a 10% increase since 2020. As more health consumers use and leverage Smartphones, Smart […]

Why Engagement is the New Health Care Branding

The ever-quotable Seth Godin says that marketing used to mean advertising. Now marketing means everything. After all, the ways in which consumers learn about and engage with brands transcends traditional advertising. In health care, branding used to mean brand advertising: the big, high ticket campaigns that are designed to elicit positive feelings about health care […]

COVID Brain: What to Know When Marketing to Patient Consumers

“COVID Brain.” Do the recent digital privacy updates mean the end of digital marketing as we know it? Should hospitals see Walmart as their next—and perhaps greatest—fiscal threat? These were just a few topics I asked our panel of health care marketing industry experts on our June 18th, 2021 Campfire. Special thanks to Rob Klein […]

Reflections on Harnessing the Power of Resilience

Challenges and changes. Tests of fortitude, capacity and endurance. We all faced them in 2020 and they’ve followed us into 2021. What is Believe in Better? For those of you who’ve never been, The Believe in Better Project is a two-day event created in the spirit of a Nantucket Project or Aspen Ideas Festival. Each […]

Why Your Patients May Be Leaving Your Brand. (And What To Do About It)

During this COVID time, we’ve also been polling patients around the country about  what they want to hear and how often they want to hear from their providers. Overwhelmingly, they’ve told us that they are hungry for content and guidance right now and are looking to their health care providers to provide it.   Our newest […]

Believing in better: Hailey Sault is one of OUTSIDE’s 50 Top Places to Work 2020

This has been some year, eh? A year of striving for some normalcy. Some ways to stay healthy and sane. Some reasons to celebrate. That makes an announcement like this one especially meaningful for the Hailey Sault crew: we’re one of OUTSIDE Magazine’s 50 Top Places to Work 2020.  OUTSIDE says that Top Workplaces blend […]

The Top 8 Metrics That Matter For Busy Health Care Marketers

Return on Investment (ROI) matters when it comes to your social media campaign and digital presence, but how can you narrow down the numbers to measure what matters most?  It may look impressive to have a lot of “likes” on your page or website visits, but take a look at what’s happening behind the scenes […]