9,689 new primary care appointments in less than 60 days

36% of CHI Memorial’s prospective patient audience knew they were at risk for stroke but were doing nothing to modify their lifestyle. The health system turned to us to engage consumers in embracing simple behavior changes, as well as making an appointment with a primary care physician. Our strategy drove 9,689 new primary care appointments in less than 60 days.


Drive Change

CHI Memorial recognized the wide-ranging negative health impacts on its community due to the pandemic. Patients and community members were gaining weight, drinking alcohol more frequently, exercising less and not returning to the health system for routine and specialty care.


Jump Start

We knew the pandemic increased isolation, stress and fear, resulting in a steep decline in consumer health. Our solution was to make it easy to start making positive changes and to book appointments with CHI Memorial primary care physicians.

  • We identified the top negative behaviors that were leading indicators of reduced health quality in
    CHI Memorial’s region.
  • We leveraged Stanford’s Fogg Behavior Model which indicates that three elements must converge at the same moment for a behavior to occur: motivation, ability, and a prompt.
  • Consumer research told us CHI Memorial’s audiences had motivation to make healthier lifestyle changes, but felt they lacked the ability to make changes.
  • We designed a call-to-action prompt “Just Start” that made it feel possible—even easy—for consumers to start taking actions to improve health.
  • The call-to-action linked to a campaign landing page with more resources and an invitation to schedule an appointment with a primary care physician.


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“I wanted a strategy to engage our consumer audiences, many of whom had reverted to poor lifestyle habits as a result of the pandemic. The campaign had to achieve results and be aligned with our brand values. Hailey Sault leveraged research on best practices in habit formation, and engaging, on-trend digital marketing to deliver an outstanding campaign with outstanding results!”

— Lisa McCluskey, MBA,
Former Vice-President,
Marketing & Communications, CHI Memorial

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Engagement + Action

The “Just Start” campaign drove high consumer engagement and action: within the first 60 days of the campaign, CHI Memorial reported almost 10,000 new requests for primary care physician appointments.


New appointment


Increase in return
on ad spend


Email marketing
clickthrough rate

.22% CTR

Digital advertising click
through rate (benchmark .10%)