COVID-19: The 5 Connection Points Health Care Must Nurture

On the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 crisis (and our first Campfire session), we discuss five connection points driving patient satisfaction, staff morale and community relations. 

  1. Human-to-human connections
  2. Patient connections
  3. Staff connections
  4. Community connections
  5. Community partner connections


Campfire Panelist:

Kevin is highly regarded and recognized for his work as a speaker, strategist, trainer and facilitator. In addition to his position at Memorial Medical Center, he is President of Stranberg & Associates and Senior Consultant with The Baird Group.

Campfire Moderators: 

  • Stephen Moegling, former SVP of Growth, Hailey Sault 
  • Marsha Hystead, retired Partner, CCO, Hailey Sault

Connection: COVID-19’s Call to Action 

Chapters in this Campfire

00:00 Introduction—introducing Kevin and a topic overview

03:21 Connecting Human-to-Human—the basis of our work as health care communicators and leaders

08:26 Connecting with Patients—concrete strategies for realizing patient satisfaction scores that include reaching the 94th percentile for rate and the 95th percentile for recommend 

18:49 Connecting with Staff—ramping up connection and communication with staff, watching for burnout into the next year

26:15 Connecting with Community—monitoring what the community is saying, strategies for connecting online

33:55 Connecting with Community Partners—coming together for the greater good and continuing those connections

40:53 S’Mores Break—predictions: what will the office “next normal” look and feel like

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