Engagement is the New Branding: 2021 Health Care Marketing Trends Report

As we face another year of planning inside a global pandemic there is one (and only one) trend that we believe needs to be front and center for health care marketers—patient-consumer engagement.  

Hailey Sault Campfire Panelists:

  • Marsha Hystead, retired Partner and CCO
  • Joe Gunderson, Director of Visual Identity
  • Denise Burgess, Senior Writer

Moderator: Stephen Moegling, former SVP of Growth

Health Care Marketing Trends: Chapters in this Campfire

00:00 Introductions—getting ahead of the curve in 2021.

04:46 2021 Global Trend: Engagement is the New Branding—consumers will reward health care organizations that engage them by keeping up with the demand for content.

06:17 High Expectations for Engagement—core health care audiences have grown up with engagement.

08:59 Hot-Button Engagement Topics—patient-consumers want to hear about topics that don’t fall into classic branding categories.

10:12 Brand Loyalty Battleground—disengagement is the first step to provider switching; 31% of patients are considering switching.

11:24 2021 Sub-Trend: Engaging through Personalized Messaging—there is no single narrative that will connect with every patient audience.

12:00 Personalized Messaging in Action—using patient journey mapping and personas.

17:01 Audience QuickPoll—what services are the hardest when it comes to re-engaging your patients’ return to care?

18:26 2021 Sub-Trend: Engaging through Enhanced Digital Dialogue—consumers want health care systems to engage in conversations that can lead to shared understanding and positive actions.

19:33 Digital Dialogue in Action—polls, town halls, webinars, Zoom meetings, digital video, Instagram, programmatic video. 

24:51 2021 Sub-Trend: Engaging through your Mission—engage skeptical consumers and build resilience for burned out health care workers by leaning into your mission.

26:17 Mission Mindset in Action—reintroduce health care heroes to your community as the one-year anniversary of their fight against COVID-19 arrives.

30:35 Audience QuickPoll—Are you more or less optimistic about your future than you were in the fall of 2020?

32:17 2021 Sub-Trend: Engaging as a Trusted Health News Source—the opportunity for your brand to position itself as your community’s health media organization.

33:15 Patient-Consumer Insights—90% of health care decision makers indicate that they want regular information from their provider right now.

34:10 Trusted News Source in Action—tactics for using consumers’ #1 trusted source of information—your providers.

42:37 Recap

44:21 S’Mores Break—One thing each panelist believes you should take away from this webinar.

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